Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Some people can appear like gods until you get to know them long enough to realise that maybe they are neither all knowing nor all doing.
Perhaps, you never thought they were that great. You were nonetheless amazed by something about them. It made you wish. It inspired you. If only you could be like them. No. You would be like them.

You see them long enough to impress and they are a god in your mind. But you want more. You obsess about them  you want to see more of them, know more about them. The balloon can only be inflated so much before it pops. 
The only gods that remain are those that you can't see again. 

Monday, May 31, 2010

Postprandial sleepiness - napping after lunch

I'm not sure if it needs proof. But according to research, people feel:
  • more feeble, dreamy, and bored and
  • less excited, clear-headed, energetic, quick-witted, friendly, sociable, and elated
after lunch.

Well the bodies circadian rhythm is partially responsible for that feeling of sleepiness during afternoons. But meals have an additional sedative effect. And it seems a high carb diet makes you more sleepy than a a high fat diet.

It may have something do do with hormones released after eating and also the effects on neurotransmitter production within the brain. This may result in changes to your brain activity.

One thing I haven't mentioned is that a lack of sleep at night would, of course, contribute to daytime sleepiness. It probably plays has bigger effect than what you had for lunch. ;)